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Here at Jnine we are obsessed with Bamboo. It all came about when our founder was trying to source bed sheets that were extra soft but cooling to help ease her hot flushes at night. She discovered bamboo and has never looked back!

When we came across Tsuno period wear we knew we had to be a stockist. These are one of the most comfortable pads we have tried and completely organic - no nasties. They are super absorbent and so soft on your hoo ha. Other brands use various types of plastics in their products, which can cause irritation, discomfort and make us even more hot and sticky. Tsuno brings a cleaner fresher feeling.

Tsuno pads have a top layer made from natural Bamboo and corn fibre. They are wrapped individually in biodegradable pouches and packed in a recyclable box. No Chlorine or dioxin is used.

Tsuno tampons are made from certified organic cotton and come in three absorbances. Again all chlorine and dioxin free and packaged in a gorgeous recyclable box.

All Tusno products are registered by the TGA. 

Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable fibres on the market due to its fast growth rate, low demand on resources, and natural resistance to pests and fungi. It is also super absorbent, breathable, soft and comfortable, antibacterial, and just generally amazing! Tsuno ticks all the boxes!

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