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Incorporate Menstrual Wellness into your WHS initiatives with Jnine & Co

Our range of Workplace Period Toolkits have everything 'people who period' need to help manage their period and endometriosis symptoms in the workplace. Support your employees to stay at work rather than access their personal leave by providing sanitary products and herbal relief to manage the pain, nausea and anxiety that comes with their monthly.

Workplace Period Toolkits for Menstrual Wellness and Health

How does it work?

We have a solution to suit the level of support you'd like to provide for your 'people who period'. Choose from:

Basic Period Toolkit
Essential Period Toolkit
Deluxe Period Toolkit
Ultimate Period Toolkit

Select the toolkit that's right for your workplace in a size to accommodate the number of 'people who period' based in each of your locations. Remember to subscribe and save 5%.

Not sure what to order? Or does your workplace have more than 30 people who period? Reach out to us at and we can chat. We will assist you select the right toolkit for your workplace or create a custom solution that's right for you. 

Payment and Delivery

If ordering via our website you can set up your own subscription with payments being automatically debited from your credit card as per the delivery timeframe selected on subscription creation. Custom orders will be invoiced directly. Please note a set up fee is charged. This fee will be discussed at time of sign up.

You can make payment via bank deposit or credit card. Products will not be sent until payment is received.

We can arrange multiple orders to be sent to several sites.

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Jnine & Co is all about spreading period positivity and understanding for people who period.