Teagan Dowler

Teagan Dowler | J Nine Partner


Teagan loves to challenge the status quo and has built a career doing so. With over 15 years’ experience in the heavy industries focusing on cultural change, diversity & inclusion and leadership coaching, she has delivered 1,200+ hours of one-on-one coaching and worked with 500+ leaders to help them shift performance in their organisations, teams and themselves!

“Once I heard about the mission of Jnine I knew instantly there was great alignment. Here is a company who is serious about challenging cultural norms and bringing about positive changes in the workplace."

Teagan is passionate about helping women be their most authentic and empowered selves through her consulting work, growth programs, 1:1 coaching and her book Rules of the Game: Women in the Masculine Industries. This resource shares real world stories and research into the experiences of women working in heavy industry and shares advice from over 50 women and men on their strategies for achieving success in these environments.

Part of this success involves organisations proactively creating environments which are inclusive of their employees’ needs. JNine offers a unique and practical way for organisations to demonstrate this support.

“Whilst many companies are still figuring out how to create workplaces which are inclusive of women, Jnine is continuing to raise the bar! When half the population experience periods, it’s extraordinary to consider that this topic is still somewhat taboo (or ignored) in the corporate space. I’m honoured to partner with Jnine to continue challenging the norms and creating workplaces where all people can bring their best, authentic selves to work.”

Tegan Dowler