Elevate your Employee Wellbeing Initiatives

by incorporating menstrual wellness

Become an Employer of Choice, improve engagement and decrease absenteeism by looking after your 'people who period'

Why is Menstrual Wellness important?

The proof is in the stats.

Researchers have found that 80% of people reported absenteeism and decreased productivity during their periods, averaging 23 days per year. (Ref – BMJ Open) and 54% of Aussie women find it difficult to complete their day-to-day tasks while on their period. (Ref – YouGov). Considering half the workforce is made up of people who menstruate, the impact to productivity is enormous.

Breaking the stigma surrounding menstruation by promoting open conversations, understanding, and access to resources related to menstrual health can change all of that. The implementation of a Menstrual Wellness policy and provision of menstrual products promotes inclusivity and wellbeing in the workplace. Incorporating Menstrual Wellness as part of your Employee Wellbeing Initiatives may mean the difference to your 'people who period' in feeling supported to come to work while on their monthly or choosing to utilise their personal leave entitlements.

How Jnine & Co helps

Workplace Period Toolkits

We have a solution for workplaces of every size and location, no matter how remote. We can assist you to implement your own Menstrual Wellness Policy and provide menstrual products to suit the needs of your workplace.

Our Workplace Period Toolkits put you firmly in the drivers’ seat in choosing the level of support you’d like to provide to your employees. Choose from Basic, Essential, Deluxe and Ultimate in the size that suits the number of ‘people who period’ in your workplace.

We also offer a range of eco friendly sanitary disposal products that you can manage as part of your normal rubbish disposal. No need to rely on serviced sanitary bins and suffer the inconvenience of waiting for bin replacement when the unit is full NOW!

Talk to us about a custom solution

Not sure what to order? Reach out to us at hello@jnine.com.au and we can chat. We can assist you to select the Workplace Period Toolkit and Sanitary Disposal that's right for your workplace or design a custom solution. We can also arrange multiple orders to be sent to several sites within your organisation.

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