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What is Jnine & Co all about?

Being a person who periods’ can be messy, inconvenient and downright uncomfortable. If you’ve ever suffered from unbearable endometriosis or period pain, surprise periods, crippling cramps, nausea, pre-menopause or monthly hormonal skin, you know what we mean!

Jnine & Co has your back with everything you need to make life a little more comfortable, no matter what stage you’re at right now.

How can we help?

We have curated only the finest products to make being a uterus owner a little more pleasurable. After YEARS of trial and error we’ve hand-picked only the best selection of sanity-saving products that actually work. Our range includes period and endometriosis pain management products like heat packs and herbal teas, and organic sustainable period care products that take care of both you and mother earth.

In addition to our fabulous individual products, we offer monthly subscription boxes with all the goodies you need to get you through a rough day/week/year. Perfect for the office bathroom to show your staff you really care. If you’ve ever been caught short without a tampon, suffering at your desk with hot flushes, mood swings or in crippling pain, our range of Workplace Period Toolkits are an absolute god-send for the whole office!

We also offer informative articles, education and advice from specialists in the industry who really know their stuff. They will be covering everything from Endometriosis in the workplace, PCOS, hormones, menopause, skin concerns and so so much more. Subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing! (we won’t spam you we promise)

Why do we do it?

Because no-one should have to suffer in silence! Our founder Janine Coppeller has suffered a lifetime of endometriosis pain that has been brushed off by friends, partners and employers, and it’s time it’s recognised as real and sometimes completely debilitating.

Too often women have to take time off work or suffer in silence which can affect performance and future promotions (sad but true). Why should you have to hide your pain and carry on with life pretending everything is fine?! Imagine going to work feeling supported and knowing if you need any essential supplies, they’re all right there at your fingertips. Many organisations offer free coffee, sugary treats or even beer but the essentials like pads and tampons are overlooked. Why?

Janine Coppeller

Janine Coppeller

That's why we’re here. To raise awareness of the struggles many people who period go through, and to make ‘that time of the month’ a little easier.

Jnine & Co are a revolutionary company ready to change the way the world sees people who period! You saw it here first!

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P.S. Full disclosure, we’re not doctors and if you have any concerns please check with your GP first. We just want to share the love, support and experience the team at Jnine & Co have to offer.