Louise Azzopardi

Louise Azzopardi

Louise Azzopardi

Jnine & Co is ready to change the way the world sees people who period!

This involves partnering with other business owners who feel the same and share our vision.

This is why Jnine & Co is partnering with the wonderful Louise Azzopardi. Louise is a life coach who started her career out as a heavy vehicle mechanic and as you can imagine working in a male dominated trade as a young women had its challenges. Louise was also navigating PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) during this time.

After working as a mechanic for 7 years then stepping into a trainer and assessor role for 4 years to help support up and coming tradies Louise decided she wanted to do more to support the women around her.

Louise is now a life coach supporting and coaching women through anxiety and sexism to become more confident and achieve their goals.

"There are so many pieces of the puzzle to supporting women to succeed and one of them is managing periods, I'm excited to partner with Jnine who support women through periods so they can focus on what they really want." Louise Azzopardi

If you are interested in finding out more about Louise and what she does you can follow her on Instagram or visit her website.

We're so excited to work alongside Louise to help people who period in industries where education and access to feminine products is currently a large barrier for entry for many women.