Women in Bloom

Women in Bloom Conference

Jnine was established by women who live with Endo and have spent years suffering.
Janine Coppeller (founder) through her experience and passion provides resources and supportive wellbeing toolkits for women at any age to help them manage discomfort in their body. We are pleased to partner with Women in Bloom to empower women and encourage a focus on wellness.

Get your hands on our hand selected wellbeing toolkit curated specifically for the amazing women at this event providing you with all of your essential needs to manage pain and discomfort.

Our 'Women in Bloom' toolkit supports you to reduce discomfort, reduce time taken out and avoid embarrassment.

It includes:

  • Harney & Sons Ginger & Turmeric Tea
  • Harney & Sons Peppermint Tea
  • Eco Pain Hemp patches x4
  • Eco Pain Arthritis Patches x6
  • Eco Pain Heat Patches x4
  • Eco Pain Patches x6
  • Silky Wipes
  • Tsuno Regular Pads
  • Tsuno Panty Liners
  • Tsuno Regular Tampons
  • Femme Organic Reusable Cotton Pad
  • Bareself Dark chocolate
  • Self-Heating Face mask

    PLUS a FREE self heating eye mask worth $19.99

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