Womens Health Week with Ampol

Earlier this month we celebrated Womens Health Week with the theme ‘Grow your Knowledge’. Here at Jnine we championed this theme by working closely with Ampol Australia to help deliver a women’s health week event discussing menstrual health, endometriosis and peri/menopause, open to everyone, men and women, to grow their knowledge.

Emma, Ampol - Janine, Jnine & Co - Jess, QENDO

The Brief

Jnine was engaged by Ampol to facilitate a Company-wide Lunch & Learn presentation on a women’s health topic, in person and online.

We had detailed conversations with the team at Ampol about the right topics to discuss that would complement existing Employee Wellbeing, Diversity and Engagement initiatives, and took advantage of poll results where employees indicated subjects that they wanted to hear about.

The session was held live at Ampol’s Brisbane refinery and screened to other locations via video link. A gift bag containing menstrual wellness products were provided for all in-person attendees.


Ampol team with Jnine Goodie Bags

Our Approach

We kept it casual. This was the first time Ampol hosted an event focussed on women’s health and being a male dominated workplace, it was important for us to get the message right - without being too detailed or graphic. We provided an open forum and encouraged questions and engagement.

Our presentation featured Jess Taylor from QENDO who spoke about endometriosis, menstrual health and peri/menopause and the impact these conditions can have on women in the workplace.

Jess from QENDO for Ampol Lunch & Learn

The results

Both men and women came to the lunch and learn, in fact a male was the first through the door to learn more for his wife and daughter.

The Q & A was fantastic with many questions asked and experiences shared. Jess Taylor and Jnine’s founder, Janine Coppeller, made sure it was relatable, and discussed their own personal experiences.

The team from Ampol later advised that our Lunch & Learn session had the most attendees for 2023, with overwhelmingly positive feedback. The team were especially thrilled with the feedback from men, who wanted to increase their understanding of what their partner, or daughters were going through, so they could provide better support to their loved ones at home.

Comments shared in the post event feedback survey:

“It was great to have a session tailored to women’s health issues”
“good session, informative”
“Great content and was a good chance to ask questions with experts”
“great to have an external speaker on this important topic”
“great knowledge”
“thanks for having advice for Partners as well”
"Really engaging presentation."

Jnine continues to assist Ampol in implementing their menstrual wellbeing initiatives. This includes provision of custom Workplace Period Toolkits to support their people in locations across Queensland and New South Wales. We’re also in discussions to host future Lunch & Learn events.

Working with organisations to implement Menstrual Wellness strategies that complement existing Employee Wellbeing, Diversity and Engagement initiatives is our core business at Jnine & Co. Talk to Janine about how we can assist you support your employees while on their monthly – and improve engagement and decrease absenteeism along the way.

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